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Audi Uses Augmented Reality with A1


For those of us who don’t speak “I.T.” augmented reality, from what I can gather is a form of witchcraft. The basic principle is that you get a sheet of paper with some markings on it and hold it in front of a webcam, the computer then magic’s up a 3D model on top of this piece of paper that becomes interactive when you move it. Audi have incorporated this into a working model of the new A1.

I don’t know all the ins and outs but Audi tell us that it’s not black magic and that it’s all to do with some clever computer-trickery. Regardless of its origins, it’s bloody brilliant! I was amused for hours just by waving this piece of paper around; despite my childlike playing I am told that this live CGI has a valid use. Audi have created this photorealistic interactive model to insure people can have a good look around the A1 before its launch in the autumn. Opening the boot and doors give users the ability to look deep within the cabin of the A1 and really get a feel for its layout.

Amazing stuff, you can give it a go yourself by following this link to the Audi website: http://www.audi.co.uk/new-cars/a1/a1/augmented-reality.html