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Back to the Future: Ferrari’s next Italian Stallion’s


Ferrari is well known for their uncompromised range of motoring passion, each car selecting a target market and creating a definitive performance machine that is very rarely bettered by another manufacturer. The current crop of Italian stallions is arguably one of the best ranges the company has ever produced. From the all-new 458 to the aging 612, each car is a credit to the prancing horse. But what if we could look into the future of the world’s most prestigious brand? Well thanks to parent company Fiat we can reveal what is coming to grace our roads over the next few years…

2011 will see the launch of two new cars in the form of the 458 spider and the all-new 612. The spider shouldn’t yield too many surprises as Ferrari will effectively take a tin opener to the electrifying 458. The 612 on the other hand will likely be the first Hybrid Ferrari offering luxurious, eco-friendly performance for its four occupants. Expect to see KERS being incorporated much like on the 599 HY-KERS concept.

Its 2012 where things get really spicy! The 599 will receive a face lift to prolong its lifespan, we would expect to see many styling hints taken from the 599 GTB and placed on what is already a phenomenally good looking car. But this is the Ferrari news fans have been waiting for, 2012 will see the unveiling of the Enzo’s successor! This car will have to be quite the machine to not only succeed its predecessor but also beat of its modern-day rivals. Rumour has it that the car will be powered by a twin-turbo V8.

2013 follows up with a lighter, more powerful 458 that could well take on the Scuderia badge. We specifically look forwards to this! Of course Ferrari’s baby California will receive an update during that year also.