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BBR Reveals Ultimate Tuning Package for Mazda MX-5


Mazda MX-5 BBR FrontAutomotive performance specialist BBR have created an engine tuning package for the ND version of the 2.0-litre Mazda MX-5, which builds on the performance of the company’s existing Super 190 upgrade for the world renown sports car.

The BBR ‘Super 200’ package aims to further enhance the famous driving experience the award winning Mazda MX-5 offers to give the best performance available for enthusiasts. The upgrade is the culmination of two years of BBR’s mechanical and electronic development on the 2.0-litre Skyactiv-G engine, which produces 160bhp and 153 lb.ft of torque as standard.

The ‘Super 200’ upgrade significantly boosts the power by 45bhp up to 205bhp and the torque output is up to 179 lb.ft. BBR also claim the have addressed an issue they noticed where the stock engine seemingly was unwilling to attain higher revs, but this upgrade allows performance all the way up to the red line.

Initial performance runs showed the 0-62mph time was reduced from 7.3 seconds to 5.65 seconds, which is a huge improvement. For those wanting to know exactly what BBR have done to extract the extra 45bhp, they are as follows. A high performance replacement billet steel intake and exhaust camshafts with Mazda MX-5 BBR Badgeupgraded valve springs and retainers, a bespoke 4 into 1 tuned length stainless steel exhaust manifold and a specially developed cold air intake system.

The Super 200 also receives BBR’s StarChip ECU software package, which includes revised fuel, ignition and cam timing calibration designed to optimise performance and drivability right through the rev range.

The Super 200 package is available now for £2795 including installation at the BBR Brackley premises. There is also a DIY option for £2195.

Customers wanting even more, however, can opt for the ‘Super 200+’ package, which further upgrades the exhaust making for 214bhp and if even that isn’t enough, BBR can offer a gas flowed cylinder head meaning 225bhp can be extracted from the 2.0-litre engine.

Full blown enthusiasts may want to delve deeper into their wallets and consider BBR’s other components that they offer such as suspension and brake improvements. Whilst it could become costly indeed, it would surely culminate to be the ultimate driving experience.

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