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Brabus SLS Tempts Us to the Dark Side: UPDATED


For those who don’t know Brabus are the unofficial tuners of Mercedes-Benz, think AMG but off the books. As a result their tinkering must be more extreme in every way compared to the in-house modifications to gain a unique selling point. For example Mercedes-Benz produced the most extreme variant of their super coupe in the form of the SL Back with 661BHP; Brabus then got hold of it and gave this monster 800BHP! So what are they going to do with the already brilliant SLS AMG?

Well the performance upgrades to the car are still under development but expect the 6.3 litre V8 to receive an extra generous helping of BHP. Other modifications include new carbon fibre bodywork, light weight forged rims as well as adjustable suspension and an all new exhaust system. A new front spoiler aids in increasing down force, a much needed integration thanks to extra power we guess, but interestingly the car has a speedometer that reads up to 250MPH.

More details as we get them.


We have received more information on the Brabus SLS, well the company are still keeping the juicy details for another day so we will just have to be patient for the inevitable apocalypse of power. Brabus are claiming that their new exhaust system for the car weighs 40% less than the existing one, not only that but the exhaust alone will boost the power by 10BHP. Bold claims but only the finished product will define our opinion.

More news as we get it.