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Bridgestone Goes “Everywhere”

Bridgestone everywhereBridgestone everywhere

Bridgestone everywhere

We have all been there… Sat at our desks staring into the glowing sprawl of tedious work that sits on a computer screen, just wishing we could drop everything and go. Just jump in the car and drive. Keep going and let intrigue guide you without a care in the world. That desire to hit the open road has been within all of us since the dawn of civilisation and in Bridgestone‘s latest campaign you follow a man who does just that…

In their “We’ve been everywhere” initiative Bridgestone lets you witness one mans decision to take off, quite literally at one point, and explore what the world outside of repetition has to offer. Narrated by the Johnny Cash hit “I’ve been Everywhere” this chap travels by just about every means of transport imaginable on his quest to explore what is out there beyond the horizon. His journey is inspirational with him finding new places, new experiences, love, a bit of trouble and plenty of fun.  This video is also interactive allowing you to create your own road trip using photos from Facebook as well as share it with your friends. Bridgestone are also offering the opportunity to turn your finished road trip dream into a reality and win that ultimate experience you crave.

Check out the video and visit their website to start your escape from the boredom an office or imprisonment behind a desk. Cast off that ball and chain, find out what is really out there!

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