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BWM Z Spyder Stradale


BMW these days seem to have an insatiable knack for building cars nobody wants to buy. The X5 M is neither good on or off-road and thus serves no purpose in life, the X3 is possibly the worst car in the manufacturers history, the X6 is not only the least practical car man has ever seen but it is also barbaric to live with, and lets not even get started with the 5 Series GT. This ever accumulating house of horrors within BMW is a cause for concern, especial when they are supposedly the most valuable brand in the industry. What ever happened to BMW representing the ultimate driving machine? We’ll if this concept image and these rumour is to be believed, the Germans could well be on their way back to the good old days.

This is the BMW Z Spyder Stradale and all we know if its existence is this image and some words; mind you those words are very interesting. If you are to have faith in speculation, this carbon fibre body conceals the 5 Series V10 as well as a power boosting KERS package. This is intended to be the ultimate BMW, mixing intoxicating performance with a dash of innovative technology. Active aerodynamics as well as a two piece folding roof is expected to play an integral part in this fabled Z car.

The myth states that this car could well surface at Frankfurt next year and be in production by mid-2014. This is all just speculation but trying to avoid it is like fighting the devil with a pin, you’re not going to win…