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Caterham Supersport R Packs A New 2.0 litre Punch


The recent announcement of Caterham and Renault pairing up to produce road cars had many enthusiasts conflicted. On the one hand the partnership would revive the Alpine brand and reduce costs for Renault, but it would also see Caterham produce a more serious and grown up sports car. The latter was thought to result in attention being diverted from the cheeky little Brit that is the legendary Caterham 7. Never fear as the British brand are sending the doubters the biggest form of reassurance they could ask for.

This is the Caterham Supersport R and just like every other 7 that has come before it, the design is still that simple “make it light” philosophy from decades ago. The big change comes in form of a new engine. A race proven 2.0 litre Ford motor now sits snugly up front, replacing the previous 1.6, giving the Supersport 180BHP. When you factor in that the car only weighs 535KG you know it is just going to fly! 0-60MPH comes and goes in just 4.8 seconds and the car will go onto a top speed of 130MPH. If you are willing to build it yourself, all of this performance can be yours for £24,995. For the rest of us who want to buy a complete car and not just a box of bits that will be £27,995.