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Computer Error Causes Petrol To Be Sold At $1.10 In US


In a world where everything costs so much we are more and more actively going out of our way to find a bargain. Fuel prices in particular have skyrocketed making it very difficult for those using a car to fund their mode of transport. However thanks to a computer glitch an American station was selling “gas” at dirt cheap prices.

Computer errors are normally something greeted with a hand full of select words but not today. A system error at a petrol station in Wilmington USA caused prices to drop to $1.10 per gallon or 68p. Naturally this sparked hundreds of people into action buying as much fuel as they could carry. An estimated 8,000 gallons went out the door in a matter of hours making for some very pleased motorists. The petrol station estimates that it has lost over $21,000.

Guess we can thank the Windows “blue screen of death” once in a while.