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Death of an Icon, the Last Land Rover Defender


The last Land Rover DefenderIn this world there are a few constants… The sun rises, gravity keeps you from floating away, and the Land Rover Defender marches on. From today one of those constants comes to an end, but don’t expect to start floating away or to never see daylight again. The Land Rover Defender is a British institution, a proud embodiment of this nations ingenuity and “stiff upper lip” attitude. For 68 years this icon has hardly changed as the wolds most recognised 4×4 has transported troops, rescued those in the wilderness, and told Mother Nature that she can’t always have things her own way. Sadly today production of the mighty Defender ends.

The world is a continuously changing place and for the Land Rover Defender to stand its ground just proves that it had the formula right the first time. Whilst this 4×4 doesn’t have all of the luxuries you might expect of todays cars, it is beautiful in its form follows function execution. Large buttons on the dashboard means that you can use them with gloves on. Short overhangs enables incredible approach and departure angles. Globally recognised as one of the greatest road legal off-roaders, a few weeks ago the model celebrated its 2,000,000th production unit.

Land Rover intend to replace the Defender with an all-new model that will have all of the benefit that modern technology can bring. Whilst this might have hardcore enthusiasts revolting, I think the prospect of the new car becoming even more capable is something to be excited about.

Alas the sun now sets on our hero and as it signs off its final chapter in the pages of history, we salute the Defender for answering the call of duty.

We said our own, very patriotic, farewell to this legend on four wheels. Check it out below.