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Enzo Successor Revealed as 950BHP LaFerrari


LaFerrari frontThe prancing horse has its roots deep within Formula One, in fact, the road cars back when Enzo was running the show were purely sold to fund his racing habit. Every so often Ferrari produce the ultimate in road going race tech. The GTO’s, F40, F50 and Enzo are all a spectacular showcase of what these scarlet machines are capable of. Today the much anticipated successor to the Enzo has arrived.

Named LaFerrari to stipulate that this is THE ultimate in what Ferrari are capable of, some might say that its nameplate is the only disappointment. Powered by a 6.3 litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 789BHP that is paired to a 161BHP KERS electric motor, its total output is an incredible 950BHP. Maximum torque is also a mind blowing 715lb-ft. 0-62MPH is obliterated in just 3 seconds but even more incredibly LaFerrari will go from standing to 186MPH in just 15.5 seconds! Costing £1,040,000 this Italian stallion will only number 499 examples. Extensive active aerodynamics work hard insuring that LaFerrari makes the most of its biblical power.

Inside it is a highly focused interior dominated by a Formula One inspired steering wheel. The driving position has been modeled by Ferrari F1 pilots Alonso and Massa and features an adjustable pedal box.

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  1. wish to own it, but sometimes wishes cant come true! hope who buys it, enjoy the sweet car ever.