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Fiat 500e SPARKS “Electric Avenue” Puns


Recently Fiat announced that they have now sold over 1,000,000 of their ever popular 500’s. It’s success is largely down to its fantastic packaging, not to mention being an all round good car. The Italian manufacturer is looking, just like almost everybody else, to get in on the EV market. The already booming 500 proves to be the ideal platform on which to start.

Reveled for the first time at the L.A. motor show, this is the 2013 Fiat 500e. Powered by an electric motor producing 111BHP and 147lb-ft of torque, this plucky little zero emissions character also has revised aerodynamic bodywork to reduce wind resistance. Low rolling resistance tyres also help boost the range of the 500e to 100 miles. The charge time from a 240-volt outlet is four hours from empty. Whether the electric car is the future or not is undecided, bu this 500e is sure to be a hit either way.

No official word on availability or pricing as of yet. We will keep you posted.