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Final Aston Martin DB9 Leaves Production Line


Aston Martin DB9 FrontAfter 13 strong years of being reeled of the Gaydon production line, the Aston Martin DB9 has now come to an end as the company tweeted a photo of the final nine DB9s to ever be built. Said cars wore badges labelled ‘last of nine’ to signify the occasion and were finished by Aston’s Q customisation department.

Built at Gaydon since 2003, the DB9 became one of the most desirable GT cars in the world and deserves it’s place in the infamous Aston Martin DB bloodline. It also resulted in the basis Aston Martin DB9 Rearfor the underpinnings for the Rapide, Vanquish and, of course, the DBS. Whilst it may be upsetting that the famous British grand tourer has met it’s end, it paves the way for its successor – the arguably even more beautiful Aston Martin DB11 that begins production next month.

Like the DB9, the DB11 is also expected to become a basis for future models, but an even more versatile structure means each model could potentially be much more different than the other.

First customer deliveries for the Aston Martin DB11 are due to arrive before Christmas, with the first 1000 examples to come of the production line are to be personally inspected by Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer to ensure the twin-turbo V12 flagship model meets expectation.

Aston Martin DB9 Badge