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First Drive: Toyota GT86


Toyota GT86 frontOh how I have waited like an impatient child for today! I love sports cars, there is just such freedom in their design, in their function and the way they make you feel when it is time to play. The Toyota GT86 has been coveted by the worlds press and won many awards from magazines. However, its popularity is the very reason it has taken me so long to get the opportunity to drive it. Enough drivel about my anticipation, let’s get down to the bit you really care about… The car.


You know when someone watches a big blockbuster film before you do and they say how “amazing” it is, but then when you get round to watching it the hype leads the film to be a slight disappointment? Well, the Toyota GT86 is nothing like that. This car not only met my high expectations but exceeded them. This well priced 2+2 is equipped with a flat four boxer engine that sends 197BHP to the rear wheels. This recipe sounds good already doesn’t it? Factor in that this good looking machine can be yours for under £25,000 and you know you are onto a winner.

Toyota GT86 insideToyota GT86 logo

Inside the cabin is snug and the driving position is absolutely spot on for a sports car. The seats are supportive and the minimalistic architecture of the interior leaves no distraction for the driver. This car is all about the way it moves and my goodness it can dance! The steering is razer sharp in its response to inputs and has fantastic levels of feedback. Its gearbox provides a satisfying swap of cogs every time and just begs that you use it to drop down a gear. Revving to 7,400RMP the GT86 thrived on the Alpine test track at Millbrook revealing a rather cheeky character when you really start to push. It’s hips wiggle with a twitch of the throttle upon the exit of a corner and when the rear does come out to play it is just so manageable.


As you can probably tell, the Toyota GT86 scores very highly in my books and does a heroic job of bringing the fun back to our roads that are clogged with crossovers. We hope to snag the keys long enough for a full review soon.

Toyota GT86 rear