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Force India Reveal 2014 Formula One Car


Force India VJM07With huge rule changes taking place for the 2014 Formula One season, teams are very reluctant to show-off their new cars in public to ensure that their secrets stay that way for as long as possible. McLaren will reveal their car on 24th January and Ferrari on 25th, however, all of the other combatants are waiting for the first preseason test that takes place in Jerez on 28th January. Well we thought all, that was until today. Force India reveal 2014 Formula One Car.

This is our first look at a 2014 specification car and the changes are immediately apparent. New regulations that stipulate that the nose of the car must be as low as 185mm from the ground present an aggressively raked front end. The front wing is also narrower than in 2013. A specified area for the exhaust to exit, ensuring hot gases can not be blown onto aerodynamic components, results in a single central exhaust pipe under the rear wing. That wing is also shallower than last year. The VJM07, as it is called, has a new livery for 2014. Gone is the base colour of white and in its place is black. It looks rather good draped in the colours of the Indian flag, well we think so anyway. Why do you think?

Full details on the 2014 rule changes HERE.