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Force India VJM08 is ready for F1 2015


Force India VJM08Williams may have been the first to unveil their 2015 Formula One car, but Force India were hot on their heels. As the testing window for a new season approaches, the dominos have begun to fall for car launches. Force India struggled last season in comparison to mounting pace in prior years. Their new Force India VJM08  racing car is their hope to charge up the grid when the calendar gets underway in Australia.

The Force India VJM08 features a 2015 specification nose of which is formed by a change in regulations. A minimum width must now extend down further preventing the rather ugly appendages seen on 2014 cars. Its livery now consists of black, orange and silver which completes a rebranding for the team. Development of the aerodynamics has taken place in Cologne, Germany in a new wind tunnel. “With this new and important tool available to use, we hope the 2015 challenger will really prove its worth in competing with the big boys of F1.”

However, the Force India VJM08 will miss the first pre-season test costing them valuable track time. Can Force India do what Williams did last season with an astonishing rise to the top? Only time will tell.