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Aston Martin AMRB001 Sold Out


Aston Martin amrb001It is always a huge gamble making a supercar so extreme that the likes of previous road legal machines don’t even come close. Gordon Murray had his moment with the McLaren F1, but now famed Formula One designer Adrian Newey wants to stamp his mark on the world of exotics. We attended the unveiling of the Aston Martin AMRB001 earlier in the year and was astonished at just how radical it is. News breaks today that all 150 road going versions have been sold.

Costing between £2,000,000 – £3,000,000 this hyper car uses many of the banned technologies from Formula One. Newey previously expressed his frustration with F1 regulations and so this project allows him a lot more freedom. Powered by a naturally aspirated mid-mounted V12 engine, the Aston Martin AMRB001 will produce in the region of 950 BHP.

On top of the 150 road going models, there will be a further 25 track cars capable of producing over 4G. The track car should lap as fast as an LMP1 machine.

Deliveries begin in 2019 with development work on prototypes commencing in 2017.

Speaking with Adrian at the launch, he is very excited to take delivery of his very own AMRB001. Check out the video below for the unveiling and our chat with the famed F1 designer.