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Honda Stokes the Fire for 2015


2015 Honda Civic SportIf you are thinking that there haven’t been many big news stories or exciting new products reviewed from Honda for a while, you are not alone. Whilst there has been announcements of NSX and a few Civic Type-R concept cars shown over the past year, the key Phrase has been “wait for 2015.” Well, here we are and Honda is about to go on an all-out assault aiming to boost their product portfolio, challenge their rivals and bring the letter H back to the attention of the performance enthusiast.

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Since the demise of the previous generation Civic Type-R and Honda pulling out of F1 in 2008, we have all simply had to reminisce of the eras this Japanese company showed us what they were made of in terms of going quickly. That is all changing this year with the new 2015 Honda NSX supercar, which just like its predecessor of the same name, plots to put the “big boys” back in their place. With a hybrid V6 engine at its heart producing over 550BHP and the promise of proven Honda engineering brilliance , this will be the brands new halo. Full details on the car HERE.

In addition to the NSX is the new 2015 Honda Civic Type-R that marks the rebirth of a true ASBO inducer.2015 Honda Civic Type-R rear 306BHP and a Nurburgring lap record should keep die hard fans salivating for more Type-R produce. All you need to know about this turbocharged Civic Type-R is HERE.

Supplying engines to McLaren for their Formula One car is a huge statement of intent from Honda. It is the brands way of proclaiming to the world that they are coming back to the performance arena in a big way. Whilst the cooperation hasn’t produced the best results as of yet, you shouldn’t bet against the genius of Honda engineers and the rate that McLaren can develop car throughout a season. History can provide you with evidence that leaves little doubt.

Revised Products

2015 Honda CR-VThe Honda CR-V has received a comprehensive refresh that is much more than skin deep. Whilst its broader stance and new grill gives the car a more prominent appearance, a new 1.6 litre diesel engine with 158BHP replaces the aging 2.2 litre unit. Its two stage turbo system means that it has an incredibly linear power delivery almost all the way to its readline. No more short shifting! 350Nm of torque is the cherry on top making this our new favorite engine from Honda. Revisions to handling have resulted in more grip and better weighting to the steering. We will be testing the new 2015 model in detail equipped with a 9 speed automatic gearbox very soon.

Not to be left out, the Civic has also been shown some love. Altered suspension provides less lateral2015 Honda Civic Sport rear movement in corners and Agile Handling Assist aids in its increased dynamism. New styling changes promote an even more premium design incorporating a piano black spoiler, new grill and headlights. Adding to the Civic offering for 2015 is the Civic Sport. A cosmetically enhanced model that offers bodywork inspired by the Type-R. As with the new CR-V, we shall be testing the Honda Civic Sport in full over the next few weeks. However, from our brief interaction with the car so far we can certainly say it looks sharp and benefits from the 2015 model year changes.

All-New Models

As well as changes to existing model lines, Honda are introducing two other models excluding NSX. Firstly there is the HR-V, a sub CR-V crossover Honda Jazz 2015 Frontthat will do battle with Nissan, Mazda and Renault in a highly competitive segment. It is a lucrative pie and the Japanese brand wants a slice.

Then we have the all-new Jazz. A very popular car among a certain generation and Honda are not ashamed of that. The new model has some big shoes to fill as the previous two incarnations have been huge sellers.

By the end of 2015 all of Honda’s range will be completely fresh. It would appear that 2015 was worth the wait.