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Jaguar F-PACE Takes on Mother Nature


Jaguar_FPACE 1You wouldn’t necessarily know it, but sometimes bicycles and cars can work hand in hand. Any fans of cycling out there would no doubt have been glued to their TV screens over the last couple of weeks as the Tour de France wended its way through our Gallic cousins’ green, pleasant and rather steep lands.

Jag_F-PACE_TdF_Team_SkyWhilst Chris Froome was doing the business for Britain and ripping up the roads on two wheels, our eyes were drawn to a star performer of the four-wheeled variety.

As part of Jaguar’s tie-in with the victorious Team Sky Squad, the Big Cat chose 2015’s Grand Départ in Utrecht as the stage on which to give its all-new crossover, the F-PACE, its global public debut.

A production prototype of the company’s first ever crossover SUV was also given the honour of leading Froome’s outfit to victory through the streets of Paris.

Jaguar_FPACE 5While one F-PACE prototype was glittering in the City of Light, another test mule was busy being put through its paces in some of the most hostile conditions anywhere in the world.

From the searing desert heat of Dubai to the sub-zero wilderness of Northern Sweden, Jag’s test pilots have been taking on the wrath of Mother Nature aboard the F-PACE high performance crossover.

The fiendishly intense extreme weather testing represents a chance for Jaguar engineers to analyse how the F-PACE’s crucial systems cope under maximum strain.  Whilst an array of new systems including all-wheel drive and all-surface progress control went under the microscope, Jag’s photographers had the chance to snap some truly stunning shots of the new cat in action.

Jaguar_FPACE 6Whether sporting desert camouflage in the 50°C heat of Dubai or kitted out in a winter livery as cool as the -30°C temperatures in Sweden, the F-PACE looks every bit the classic Ian Callum masterpiece.

No powertrain details have yet been officially confirmed but the 3.0 litre supercharged V6, a staple of the current Jaguar range, could well be the range-topper. Who knows, Jag may even decide to throw in the F-Type’s 5.0 litre supercharged V8 for some extra grunt.

The official world premiere of the Jaguar F-PACE will be at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September before sales of the all-new performance crossover kick off in 2016.

Have a peruse of our F-PACE gallery below and take in the scenery of Jaguar’s extreme weather testing video.

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