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Jaguar XE to get V6 Power


Jaguar XE V6When you think about it, the BMW 3 Series has had it all its own way for quite a while now. Whilst competitors have come close to what the Germans have been refining for decades, none have really surpassed it as an overall package. Jaguar are taking a big gamble on their next new model and are putting everything into taking on the 3 Series. Named the XE, only one image has been published of it so far, but today we know a little more about its beating heart. Jaguar XE to get V6 Power.

We already know that the car will launched with a range of all-new four cylinder engines, but confirmation today revealed that it will also get a V6 option. The supercharged 3.0 litre unit is the same one that has been put to good use in the excellent Jaguar F-Type. In that car it churns out 335BHP, but as for the Jaguar XE’s output we shall have to wait and see. We expect later in the XE’s lifecycle that an R and RS model will attempt to challenge BMW’s M3. The aluminium bodied four door saloon is set to go on sale next year followed by a planned SUV.