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Koenigsegg Agera R BLT Is No Sandwich


So, you have got plenty of money. You have checked the private jet, mansion, yacht and latest gizmos off of your “to buy” list. It is now about time you bought yourself a new daily driver. Something evocative that packs more power than god? Koenigsegg can help you there with the new Agera. But wait one minute! You know of a couple of people with some money and the last thing you want whilst visiting Monaco is the embarrassment of trying to get into a car that looks just like yours. The answer is to go and get a BLT.

No, not a delicious sandwich! Koenigsegg are well aware of your little dilemma and so have a division named BLT. If you have got the cash they will build you your own unique car that is sure to tick every box. This specific car is the 1,185BHP Agera R BLT. It has been built for a Chinese customer but is also being used to showcase the customisation options. The headlines on this model come in the form of blue tinted carbon fibre bodywork, racey red stripes, blue leather and a copious amount of carbon fibre in the cockpit.