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LaFerrari VS Ferrari Enzo Video


LaFerrari VS Ferrari EnzoThe king is dead long live the king… This is the phrase many Ferrari fans have chanted as LaFerrari takes over from the Enzo as the Italian brands flagship supercar. Whilst the Ferrari Enzo was very impressive back in 2002 with its 6.0 litre V12 engine producing an massive 650BHP, LaFerrari is very much an example of what the company can do with todays technologies. Costing £1,040,000 LaFerrari possesses 950BHP developed by a 6.3 litre V12 engine in tandem with a KERS styled electric motor. 0-62MPH is obliterated in just 3 seconds but even more incredibly LaFerrari will go from standing to 186MPH in just 15.5 seconds! Ferrari have just started handing over the keys to the 399 lucky owners, one of which has found a friend with an Enzo and has taken them both for a blast. LaFerrari VS Ferrari Enzo.

Whilst this isn’t a race a such between the two, it is clear to see that LaFerrari has much greater traction out of the corners. Enjoy the video. Volume up!