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Land Rover Show More Aggressive Defender Concept


The Land Rover Defender has remained essentially unchanged for 47 years now and in a world where manufacturers bring us “all-new” models almost every year, its continuation is quite the achievement. However, the off-road kings see that it is time for change and are preparing for the Defenders eventual remodeling come 2015. We have seen the DC100 concept before, but now its back with vengeance.

It was met with mixed responses with some saying it was a bold but well measured, others weeping that the car was more of an accessory than a mud plugger. Land Rover has addressed the latter criticism with this more equipped Defender concept adding off-road tyres, snorkel, roof rack and even sonar for detecting the depth of water crossings.  The aim is to show that the new car is as every bit rough and ready as the current model.