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Legendary F1 Commentator Murray Walker Diagnosed With Cancer


Murray WalkerMany people have contributed to the world of Formula One. The drivers for their part in heroic driving and fairytale endings. The teams for building some of the fastest land based machines on Earth. But there is one man who is personally responsible for creating the blueprint of how unfolding events make their way to you. Murray Walker is that man.

With his instantly recognisable voice and commentary style, Walker is Mr. Formula One. His unrelenting enthusiasm for the sport has propelled him to the very top of his game. Such comments as “There’s nothing wrong with that car except that is is on fire.” and “I should imagine conditions in the cockpit are completely unimaginable” have been made famous throughout his career. Officially retired, Murray can still be seen making regular contributions to the BBC’s Formula One website. However, today it has been revealed that Murray Walker has been diagnosed with cancer.

A few weeks ago Murray had a fall which put him in hospital. Whilst there doctors found cancerous traces in his blood. The good news is that they have caught it early and that doctors and hopeful that treatment shall aid in a speedy return to form.

We wish Murray all of the best and a strong recovery.