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Lexus LF-LC Concept Redefines The Brand


We are really going to have to reconsider our motoring stereotypes! Once upon a time owning a Lexus meant that either you disparity wanted to avoid the congestion charge or that your primary occupation was a librarian. First came the LF-A, a supercar of biblical proportions that nobody saw coming. Now Lexus strikes a second blow with this LF-LC Concept car.

The futuristic 2+2 is an astonishing sight that inspires visions of the future. Its sleek profile is an aerodynamic masterpiece and according to Lexus, aids in delving the cars dynamic movement. Inside the LF-LC doesn’t dull down into simple plastics and leathers. The cockpit could come from a jet fighter based in the year 2154 and the vast use of glass highlights the sheer amount of design work that has gone into this concept.