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Maserati GranCabrio Sport Announced


There is an unquantifiable something about Italian cars. It is almost as if seduction was their main aim as opposed to being a car and carrying you from point to point. Maserati of late have been bringing forth some of the best cars they have made in a substantial period of time and their national trait has hit us directly in the heart time and again. The GranCabrio is a brilliant car, perfect for wafting along coast roads in utter class however it is much more tranquil than many other cars in its class. This obviously has its advantages but what happens when you want the wind flowing through your hair a little more vigorously?

The GranCabrio Sport is the answer, a much more performance focused mile muncher. Fold the roof down and wind down some country lanes, this machine will be just as much of apleasure as the standard model. But engage the noisy pedal and its reworked 4.7 litre V8 will bellow. The engine now produces 450BHP and a neck wrenching 510Nm of torque. Gear changes are done via the very rapid MC Auto Shift transmission and the cars top speed of 177MPH should be more than enough to blow any cobwebs away.