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McLaren Goes Topless With 12C Spider


We have known for a long time that this car would be coming… These days it is inevitable that some form of roofless wonder in created for each model with a fixed roof, but even more so in this case when the competition has already done so. The rivalry between Ferrari and McLaren has burnt ferociously on the race track for decades, with the introduction of the MP4-12C a few years back, that battle came to the road. Ferrari’s latest 458 Spider now has some company.

This is the McLaren 12C Spider and the British company are adamant that cutting off its head has not had any detrimental effects. Powered by the same 3.8 litre twin-turbo V8 as the coupe, power output is identical standing at 616BHP. 0-62MPH for the Spider is also exactly the same as the coupe’s 3.1 seconds sprint. The only change in performance figures comes when comparing the two from 0-124MPH. The Spider is 0.2 seconds slower to the mark, but let’s not pretend that such a fractional amount matters. The new car can complete its transformation in 17 seconds via a metal folding roof that is stowed behind the rear seats.

Orders are being taken now for the 12C Spider at a cost of £195,000. Deliveries are expected to begin this November.