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McLaren P1 Revealed as F1’s Successor


I can honestly say that I have never looked forward to a car launch more than this one. The mighty McLaren have chosen this years Paris motor show to reveal the true successor to the awe inspiring F1 of the 90’s. Set to be the embodiment of everything the Formula One derived brand is capable of, ladies and gentlemen, this is the McLaren P1.

Well I think that has silenced a few critics don’t you? Many said the the MP4-12C’s design was too safe and not extrovert enough, but you can not sit there and say the same thing about this orange beast of a machine. Highly sculpted and garnished with intricate design features, this McLaren P1 takes hold of that little child inside all of us and give it a good does of e-numbers. It is both aggressive and elegant at the same time and as you can probably tell I absolutely LOVE it!

McLaren say that this car isn’t set to be the out and out fastest thing in terms of top speed but “to be the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit.” The P1 is to hit the road next year packing… Well, McLaren weren’t willing to give away all of their secrets before the cars official unavailing at the Paris motor show, but I’m sure come 27/09/2012 we will be impressed.