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McLaren Roll Back The Covers On The New MP4-12C Spider


Not content with trampling all over the supercar market with the mind-blowing MP4-12C, McLaren are continuing their quest for world domination at the global premiere of their brand new convertible, the MP4-12C Spider.

The second model in the 12C range has been unveiled for the first time in public at the glamorous Pebble Beach supercar extravaganza. The familiar carbon MonoCell chassis is identical to that of the 12C Coupé but the Spider now features a retractable hard top folding roof that can be lowered or raised on the go. At the back of the cockpit sits an electronically controlled windscreen which doubles up as a wind deflector with the roof down to minimise disturbance in the cabin.

Below decks, the nuts and bolts of the Spider are all carried over from the original 12C, including the staggering 616 BHP 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo engine and 7-Speed dual-clutch gearbox. This means the Spider will still do 0-62 MPH in 3.1 seconds and hit 204 MPH at top speed, just 3 MPH shy of its Coupé equivalent.

Not exactly renowned for their bargains, McLaren’s premium drop-top supercar will come with a premium price tag at £195,500. First deliveries of the new Mp4-12C Spider are planned for early 2013.