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Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe Hits Detroit


Mercedes-AMG GT C CoupeJust like Goldilocks, some people are on the hunt for the performance car that his just right. Not too hot, but also not too cold. Increasingly we have seen manufacturers slot new grades between existing models to appeal to those who want to have their cake and eat it. The Mercedes-AMG GT S is an astonishing machine and one that actually won our Car of the Year in 2015. However, if the R model you crave is too much, but the S car not quite enough… For such people the three pointed star now offers the Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe.

We have heard about the convertible variant of this car previously, but the new C Coupe could be just what the doctor ordered. Using the same 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 as its siblings, this car produces 549 BHP and 502lb ft of torque. Whilst 28 BHP down on the R, it does feature its 57mm wider rear track and rear wheel steering. 0-62 MPH takes 5.7 seconds and it will go onto a top speed of 196 MPH. The Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupe wears black chrome detailing and a more aggressive body.

A limited run of “Edition 50” cars will be available celebrating 50 years of AMG.

The GT and GT S models haven’t been left out as they each get the new vertical grill and a little power increase. 14 BHP and 12 BHP respectively. An added bonus of active aerodynamics has been incorporated in each.