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Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electrifies For Paris


Electric cars are at a very important stage in the writing of their history at the moment. Over the next few years we shall either see mass adoption as established brands join their plight, or they will fade away and Hybrids will become more prominent. Mercedes is hoping for the first of these two outcomes as it presents the electric B-Class.

Ironically it was the rather lacklustre previous generation B-Class that was designed with specific areas for batteries, but within its product lifecycle never carried any. The cars successor is much improved in every respect and now even fulfills the original plan of the previous generation. This electric drive variant should be with us early 2014 using a combustion replacing electric motor that produces 134BHP and 228lb-ft of torque. The car is charged via plug-in methods as well as its various regenerative systems. This B-Class’ range is said to be 200KM.