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Mercedes SLS Black Series 2013?


In the deepest darkest corner of Mercedes-Benz AMG division is a cage. A cage that is only ever opened under strict instruction, this cage contains the Black Series engineers. These men are criminally insane and are responsible for building “money is no object” ballistic missiles. The CLK Black was a chainsaw gargling axe murderer that even came with a health and safety warning, then there was the SL Black that has been known to kill lions with its biblical power. So what are the mad men’s plans for the new SLS AMG, well the air is thick with speculation.

According to various sources, some we trust others not so much, Mercedes-Benz intend to launch the SLS Black Series early 2013. A boost in power is standard form after this division has finished work and the increase will leave the SLS with around 600BHP as well as 680lb ft of torque! This will reduce the cars already quick 0-62MPH of 3.8 seconds and increase the cars speed to over 200MPH. We have no idea how they will achieve this but our best guess is that a larger air-intake will be involved as well as other tinkerings.

They say the end of the world will come in 2012, I say they are wrong. 2013 looks much more likely.