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Michael Schumacher Fighting For His Life


SchumacherMichael Schumacher is one of the most talented men behind the wheel of a car. The seven times world champion is the most successful driver Formula One has ever seen and his sheer determination to win could be seen in every corner. After retiring from the sport for a second time in 2012, Schumacher was reportedly approached by Lotus for a 2014 seat, however his manager said when questioned on the subject “he has a new life now.” Whilst spending time with his family in France on Sunday, Michael had an accident that has left him fighting for his life.

Whilst Skiing the German fell and hit his head on a rock. Schumacher was wearing a helmet but the force of the impact has led to some swelling of the brain. Surgery has been undertaken but his condition is still very critical. Currently he is in a coma with his state being monitored around the clock. Doctors this morning gave the media an update but still say we must take things “hour by hour.”

If anyone can fight through something like this it is Michael Schumacher! All at Inside Lane wish you a speedy recovery.