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Military Amputees Complete Toughest Race in the World


Race2Recovery finishWhat is a hero in todays world? A cartoon character? A fictitious spy? Yes, you could argue that real-life heroes are nonexistent… However take a lookRace2Recovery profile at our armed services and stare into a pool of pure valour as these brave men and women risk their lives whilst you go about your daily business. They don’t ask for thanks, they just dig in, take the bullets all in a bid to protect your freedom. These are heroes and you had better believe that they exist. But what of those fallen heroes who have survived horrific injury? A group of them have transgressed from that rank of hero to being nothing short of the best humanity has to offer.

These British and American Amputees have overcome their injuries and have become the first team with disabled members to complete the notorious 8570KM Dakar rally. Despite the most adverse conditions in any motor race, teammates cars failing, as well as pushing past both mental and physical barriers they did it! Their disabilities were unimportant as the Race2Recovery teams pushed on for all of those who have been affected by duties on the front line. Even when the last remaining Bowler Wildcat had overheating issues they refused to give up and simply ran the car at night when it was cooler.

I don’t think I have ever admired a group of people more than these guys. Not only did they give everything in their line of work, but they did it all over again in the face of adversity showing the world that they are not simply heroes… These people are inspirations. Each and every one of them.