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Mysterious New London Luxury Car Maker Emerges


These days new companies come and go every five minutes. The ones that tend to linger are those with some serious financial backing and an original product. We received a curious E-Mail yesterday from a new London luxury car manufacturer promising it had ticked both of those boxes and is here to stay.

Named Eterniti, the company shall reveal its first product at the Frankfurt motor show in a few weeks.Dubbed a super-SUV, this new niche in the market doesn’t appear to be a red herring as both Bentley and Aston Martin’s Lagonda are gunning for it. Eterniti says “The car in the sketch is an indication of the first car, which will create a new niche above the most luxurious SUVs currently available, and will offer handmade interiors with any level of bespoke interior trim a customer requires, as will all future Eterniti products. We’re calling the first vehicle a Super-SUV, and it will be the first car in the space which Bentley and Lagonda are talking about going after, which will have appeal in major economic and hot-spots from London to the the emerging Asian markets.”