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New Jag XJ for PM?


As the attention of the UK fell to number 10 over the departure of Gordon Brown and the beginning of a con-demed (Sorry poor attempt at a Conservative and Liberal Democrat pun.) UK, our line of sight drifted to the new government’s conveyance.

Poor old Mr Brown was towed to Buckingham palace in his faithful old Jaguar XJ that has, for many years, been the workhorse of the British government. However our new Conservative/Liberal leadership arrived at the infamous front door in a handful of Lexus Hybrids. Obviously the grasp of the greens has finally reached for the PR department of Cameron’s “goons” and caused them to surrender the keys to the Jag.

Digging a little deeper we find that the supposedly “green machines” in fact belong to the conservative party and not the government, so hope is not lost for an XJ revival. This got us thinking, as Jaguar have just launched their all new XJ, surely it being the PM’s ferry is the best promotion they could hope for. The modern new design could be seen as being reflective of a modern Great Brittan and with Jaguar announcing petrol and diesel hybrids arriving in 2013, the car must surely be the best option available.

Of course if we were in power we wouldn’t be seen in any form of hybrid, oh no. Roll on the procession of Aston Martin’s!