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New Jersey Grand Prix Canceled For 2013


It takes a lot of things to make a Formula One race happen. You need to create a spectacle. The teams, the drivers, a race track. To make all of this happen it takes an incomprehensible amount of planning, preparation and money. The Latest edition to the 2013 F1 calendar has been dropped and pushed back to 2014. That is the current situation with Americas second Grand Prix.

There have been doubts since the beginning about this “Race of the Americas” that was to be held on the streets of New Jersey. A tight time frame and money that was hard to pin down where contributing factors to the speculation that this race wasn’t going to happen and it turns out both of these things drove the final nails into this coffin. The Governor is still “100% committed” to making this event happen but he says that more time is needed. If all goes to plan this time around the new race should be fit for the 2014 season.