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New Renault Clio RS Revealed


Renault Clio RS FrontThe new Renault Clio RS has been revealed and is available with a choice of three types chassis and two different power outputs so you can tailor this new model to your sporty needs. “The new Clio R.S. offers the full spectrum of Renault Sport technology for immediate driving pleasure. At launch, each customer will be able to choose from three types of chassis and two power outputs. The model also inaugurates the highly efficient and innovative R.S. VISION lighting system, Renault Sport’s exclusive lighting signature,” stated Patrice Ratti, CEO, Renault Sport Cars.

Powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine, customers are given a choice between having 200bhp on tap, or 220bhp in the Trophy version. Either way the engine is mated to a six-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission with wheel mounted paddles to give the new Clio RS more a racing feel.

The first of the three chassis to choose from with the new Renault Clio RS is the Sport Chassis, available with 17 or 18-inch wheels, enabling versatility and everyday use – Renault claim. The second is a more rigid Cup chassis with 18-inch wheels, to provide the best of both worlds for road use and circuit driving. The last and sportiest chassis’ of the three is the Trophy chassis. Again given 18-inch wheels, the Trophy chassis means the car is lowered by 20mm at the front and 10mm at the rear for the most focused track experience and, according to Renault, is the best for overall driving pleasure.

Further accentuating the notion of the Clio RS to be a focused and capable track car, is the optional sports exhaust system sourcedRenault Clio RS Interior from Akrapovič, for a more exciting note and ensures better acceleration.

The 200bhp version of the 1.6-litre engine is available with both the Sport and Cup chassis, whereas the 220bhp unit is reserved for the Trophy version. The latter combination makes for a 0-62mph time of just 6.6 seconds, 400m is dealt with in 14.5 seconds and the Renault Clio RS will go on to a top speed of 146mph.

The Clio RS also comes with a host of race related equipment, including Launch Control, the RS Drive System with three driving modes (Normal, Sport and Race), the RS Monitor application and finally hydraulic compression bump stops developed by Renault Sport to enable the RS to be a capable rally machine.

This hot Clio also debuts RS Vision as standard, meaning multi-faceted LED lighting in the form of a chequered flag to illuminate the road. The technology, which was first seen on the Clio RS 16 concept car co-ordinates the fog lights, covering lights, side lights and dipped and main beams to enhance night time visibility. At the rear of the car you will find a spoiler, diffuser, twin exhaust pipes and a C-shaped lighting signature.

Also coming with the new standard Renault Clio, is the GT Line look pack. This pack adds dark metal air scoops in the front bumper along with lateral sills, as found on the RS, 16 or 17-inch wheels, as well as an exclusive exhaust with chrome tail pipe.

The new Clio and Renault Clio RS are available to order in the UK from September with first customer deliveries arriving in the Autumn.

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