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Next Generation Ford Focus ST Revealed


My word, I think they have it! Ford has finally merged both its European and US division to create a brand that will launch the same product in both parts of the world. This makes sense for two very good reasons 1) It is cheaper to design just one car as opposed to two, 2) Ford Europe has been booming over the years where as Ford’s US side has become rather stagnant. The European cars trump their American siblings in almost every way and the USA has only just discovered this with the Fiesta direct from Europe. The next generation Focus arrives in 2011 and with the current ST killed off by emissions laws, Ford have revealed the new performance model for all nations.

To be shown at the Paris motor show, the new Ford Focus ST banters to the new laws but also brings over 250BHP to the party. The car is powered by a 2.0 litre, four cylinder engine that Ford says offers “an intoxicating cocktail of exhilarating performance and handling accompanied by an addictive sound.” That’s fantastic that for are focusing in on the driver in this car but does anyone else think it looks like a goldfish?

More from Paris later this month.