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Nissan Terra Sees Hydrogen As The Future


In a world where we are going to run out of the worlds most used resource, oil, you would think the boffins would hurry up and create a solution to our dependance on the black stuff. Whatever your opinion on the environment it will be an issue that we all have to address as fuel cost sore. Hydrogen power has many benefits including zero emissions other than water and the fact that hydrogen is an abundant source in our universe. Nissan made big strides with the Leaf but now want to combine that technology with another that is likely to find its way into your car at some point in the future.

Named the Nissan Terra Concept, this all wheel drive crossover uses an electric motor derived from the Leaf to power the front wheels and two smaller electric motors to power the rear wheels individually. The revolution comes from the implementation of a hydrogen powered engine that in turn powers the electric motors. Other interesting features found on this rather angular concept are a set of suicide doors as well as seats that appear to have come from the USS Enterprise.