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Unique Ove Anderson Toyota GT86


Heritage is important as it is our history that makes us who we are today. Toyota have a very colourful background when it comes to motorsport, but their entry into rallying was something of an inspired move. Back in the good old days of “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” the decision was taken to push for a rally entrant for the first generation Celica. But how? Toyota lacked the experience needed in the rough and tumble of this all terrain motorsport. Enter Ove Anderson.

Ove Anderson is something of a legend as it was his appointment to help form Toyota’s first factory backed rally team that ultimately culminated in what is today, Toyota Motorsport GmbH. This talented Swedish rally driver piloted his iconic red Toyota Celica to a class victory and 9th position overall in the Daily Mirror RAC Rally. An impressive achievement.

That chapter in the Japanese firms history is the foundation to this very special Toyota ove anderson toyota gt86GT86. Celebrating the ’72 car and Ove Anderson, this 1 of 1 GT86 was specially commissioned by Toyota GB and can not be bought from a showroom. Based upon a 2014 car, it is effectively the spiritual successor to the Celica 1600GT. Sitting 40mm lower, equipped with a new Milltek exhaust, dishy alloy wheels, and an exact replica livery, this could just be the coolest Toyota GT86 on the road.

Check out the video to see this head turning car in action.

Toyota return to rally this year with the new Yaris WRC.