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Porsche 911 Gets Aerokit Cup and Performance Package


The latest Porsche 911  is an engineering marvel. It is crisp, precise, and balanced with the delivery of performance on offer from that 3.8 litre flat-six. The car is already selling in huge numbers and so if you were thinking of making a purchase you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting your machine to stand out from the crowd. After a performance edge as well as some unique exterior features? The ladies and gents from Stuttgart might just have something for you.

Kicking off with the Power Enhancement kit; this package offers a retuned ECU, a new camshaft, new cylinder heads and better cooling. The end result in a boost of 30BHP, bring the total to 430BHP, and a 0-62MPH time of 4 seconds flat. Also up for grabs is the Aerokit Cup pack. This option will fit a 911 with a new front splitter and fixed rear wing to increase downforce, as well as larger air intakes on the front bumper.