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Range Rover Can Justify Higher Price


Decade after decade Range Rover is still the very best in the world at transporting people over and through just about anything in comfort. Tarmac, sand, mud, ice, snow, water, rocks. It doesn’t matter what it is, this living legend is more than capable of dealing with it. The 2013 Range Rover has an awful lot to boast about, but maybe not its price…

The new cars top specification “Autobiography” that is power by our favorite 5.0 litre supercharged engine asks for £11,500 more for the privilege. The total for the fully loaded car now starts at a dizzying £98,395! For that money you can purchase some very serious pieces of kit from the luxury sector, but who’s to say that the king hasn’t upped its game? The loss of 420KG as well as all of the additional engineering makes this the best off-roading package the road has ever seen. The interior quality could rival a Rolls-Royce with the word premium not seeming adequate. This product is so much better that its already great forefather that it can justify the price jump. Also the vast majority of Range Rover owners tend to tick enough optional extras to make this princely sum quite common.