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Sketchy Reports of Suzuki’s New S-Cross Concept


With the eagerly anticipated Paris Motor show on the horizon, the usual hubbub of activity from manufacturers across the world has already begun in earnest, accompanied by the obligatory drip-feed of press releases. It is now time for Suzuki to show their hand but they have remained firmly poker-faced over their latest creation.

What we can reveal is that Suzuki will be handing a world debut to a brand new crossover concept named the S-Cross in Paris this September. Presumably aimed at a similar audience as the steady if not spectacular SX4, few other nuggets of information can be gleaned at present besides the “Emotion x Quality x Aerodynamics” design theme, which Suzuki say is supposed to suggest stability and solidity whilst “creating a cutting-edge crossover look”. It would have been awfully decent of them to provide us with a proper glimpse of this intriguing notion, but instead all we can pass on to you is a lovingly drawn sketch straight from the designer’s note pad and a sinister, gloomy picture taken in the deepest, darkest corner of the workshop. Still, if they want to keep us in suspense, we’re quite happy to play the waiting game.

Nevertheless, we expect to hear more from Suzuki in the coming month and will bring you more details and images as soon as we get our hands on them.