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Tesla Model 3, Everything You Need To Know


Tesla has seen great success with its very impressive Model S which has opened the eyes of many to the potential of electric cars. It is an impressive machine with practicality and performance to put combustion based rivals to shame. However, at over £57,000 it is out of reach of those looking for your average family car. This is the Tesla Model 3 and it aims to be the peoples electric car.

Revealed today after much anticipation, this is the Tesla Model 3. In just 24 hours over 115,000 orders have been placed for the new Model 3. So what is all the fuss about?

The key headline is its price. At $35,000 it is quite an attractive proposition when you factor in what you are getting. Remembering that electric cars cost less to maintain and very little to run, the tranquility of the drive is a relative bonus.

Seating five with an ample amount and space, the Tesla Model 3 also features two luggage storage compartments. Without a large combustion engine the cabin can be located further forward, that and the fact the its batteries and in the floor making up part of the vehicles structure means even more space. The minimalistic cabin is dominated by a large touchscreen display.

Crunching the numbers the Model 3 is also impressive. 0-60 MPH Tesla Model 3takes less than six seconds thanks to the instant power and torque delivered by the electric motor. That is pretty impressive considering the weight of its batteries. Range is a very important aspect in these sort of cars, but the Tesla Model 3 banishes range anxiety being able to travel up to 215 miles on one charge.

It has access to free Tesla Supercharging Stations which can charge its bigger brother in just 40 minutes. Tesla’s famed autopilot autonomous driving mode features. Safety is also key with a 5 star rating.

Deliveries of this stout but sleek electric car begin late 2017.