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Toyota Redefines Prius With Two New Models


The Toyota Prius for me has special place reserved in hell. I don’t fin it appealing, its far to costly and worst of all it is no better for the environment than a Diesel Golf. Despite my clear and undying bias I have to tell you that Toyota has released two new variants of its high volume hybrid at the Detroit motor show. They are not so much Prius with modifications but all new models within the same name bracket. Is there hope yet?

First up is the Toyota Prius V, a hybrid that invites you to take that extra trip to Ikea. The new design is much larger and as a result vast amounts of space greets you as you enter. An impressive 38 inches of legroom is very generous and that boot does look like it could swallow an elephant. However it uses the same 1.8 litre engine and hybrid system as the saloon meaning it wont match it for MPG. To be honest thats not the best start for a sales pitch of a car that is to save you spending on fuel.

The next car is something that we rather like the looks of and that is a rare thing on a car that carries the Prius badge. The C Concept is a rather futuristic looking thing that promises to make production by 2012. The smaller package promises to be the most fuel efficient hybrid when it goes on sale meaning it actually will have a reason to exist unlike its older sibling. Also it will be the most “value orientated” hybrid on the market, we are not sure what to make of this as it all depends upon how much the Japanese company value there own product (in short, might not actually be that cheap.)  Ok so the production model will be softened up a bit but take a look at the iQ, Toyota did a good job there.