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Vettel has Trouble with New RB10 F1 Car


Red Bull RB10Sebastian Vettel is the current Formula One World Champion and has been for four successive years along with his team Red Bull Racing. His utter domination comes thanks to both an undeniable amount of talent and a car that had absolutely the winning formula. Adrian Newey is a genius when it comes to car design and has been one of the keys to this teams success. With a massive 2014 rule change his challenge of building a world beating car has got a lot harder, as is evident from the past two days of testing. Vettel has trouble with new RB10 F1 car.

Over the past two days of testing the Red Bull Racing RB10 has amassed a mere 11 laps. Not a good sign considering that in this precious time before the season begins teams have to rapidly learn how their new cars behave. The first day of testing for Vettel ended with just three slow laps after the team encountered problems with the car in the garage. RB10’s second day went even worse lapping the track just 8 times before an engine fire ended his run, the car was not seen for the rest of the day. Newey has already been heard bemoaning the rules, but Sebastian himself appears upbeat despite his lack of time driving the car.

The Renault engines do appear to be suffering from teething problems including their ERS (Energy Recovery System) not producing the correct amount of power.