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Video: McLaren P1 Breaks Down at Villa d’Este


McLaren P1 nightThere is no getting away from the fact that McLaren’s P1 is an incredible machine. Taking technologies developed in the world of Formula One and applying them to a road car is no easy task. A road car has to run for years, decades even, whereas these “prototype” technologies lifecycle was intended to last the race distance. When you are at the very limit of what is possible, it is inevitable that something will brake. That is what happened to this pre-production McLaren P1 at Villa d’Este.

The concourse full of the rich and famous, likely prospective buyers, played host to the £866,000 car. At some point during the day the McLaren staff attempted to fire up the P1 but instead were met with a series of electric faults. Whilst the gremlins were hard at work, the prestigious car was unceremoniously towed onto the back of a truck. Though issues like this are expected in pre-production models, such a public display of electronic disobedience isn’t what McLaren would have wanted.