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VW CrossBlue Concept Takes Caring For The Environment Off-Road


VW CrossBlue Concept frontOver in the United States there is a huge following for the “mini van.” Across the pond in Europe we would call such a thing a people carrier and there is a very good reason for their existence. When you have three children or more things become a bit of a squeeze in most cars and so a van with windows is a logical solution. VW want to be a part of this market but rather than become a part of the dull “mini van” following they intend to blend having 7 seats with the ever popular SUV market.

Designed specifically with America in mind, this is the VW crossBlue Concept. A seven seat SUV is far from revolutionary but this car packs some rather nifty environmental tech. Capable of 134MPG, the CrossBlue is powered by a conventional TDI that powers the front wheels as well as two electric motors that individually power the rear wheels. There are various modes that allow for combined or solitary uses of each unit dependent upon the circumstances. In all-electric mode this SUV can cover 20 miles.

With looks inspired by the VW Amarok, we hope to see something like this from VW in Europe.

VW CrossBlue Concept insideVW CrossBlue Concept rear