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VW Golf GTI Concept Basks In MK7 Glory


In the automotive world today there are many bi-words for performance. R, F, Z, VXR, RenaultSport, MPS and so on. However, all of these are mere children to the badge that is the daddy of them all. GTI. The GTI insignia in no more at home than when sitting on a Volkswagen Golf. The hot hatchback became a legend and now that VW have revealed the all-new MK7 Golf, that legend is reborn.

Making its debut in concept form, this Golf GTI does not stray too far from what the finished product will look like. Packing 230BHP, considerably less than many key rivals sat at 300BHP, from a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine the new car sticks close to a familiar recipe. With those new “bad boy” looks the new GTI hasn’t lost any of its appeal, if anything it has gained some with the added bonus of being able to achieve 47.1MPG. The real question is… Can the old king of the hill take on the latest batch of ASBO endusers and win?