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VW Golf R Cabriolet Goes Topless


2013 VW Golf R Cabriolet frontVolkswagen’s Golf Cabriolet was welcomed with open arms last year as it had been a while since you could have some topless fun in the popular hatchback. Alfresco motoring is loved by many in the UK, despite all of the rain, and so it wasn’t long before the convertible loyalists wanted something a bit spicier from the Germans. Enter the VW Golf R Cabriolet.

This is the fastest open-top Golf that has ever been produced offering not just the ability to feel the wind rush through your hair, but also the potential for a good deal of hooning about. Powered by a 261BHP four cylinder engine, this Golf R can dispatch 0-62MPH in 6.4 seconds and has an electronically limited top speed of 155MPH. The swapping of cogs is done via a 6 speed dual clutch automatic gearbox. The roof can be lowered in 9.5 seconds and raised again in 11 seconds providing the car is traveling at under 18MPH.

The Golf R Cabriolet is to cost from £38,770.

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